Does the music scene in this city suck? Is it your fault? Local businesses can help!

The average toothbrush costs around 3 cents to manufacture but costs consumers about $3.00 at “Big Block” stores! Car tires cost around $4.00 each to manufacture but the average consumer pays around $400.00 or more a set! This price-fixing includes music products, sporting goods, clothing, etc. This is true because the average consumer has allowed Big Block and mail-order stores to monopolize and they chose what YOU should pay for products with no local support or service! The consumers who support these stores say “There is nothing to do in this city” or “There is no music scene around here”! Support your locally owned independent stores and venues that support your community and local events! Locally owned stores will commonly give you the same discount price as mail order or Big Block stores and offer quality and service you otherwise would not receive without the many hassles of mail order! They will then promote bigger and better local music events, music clinics, education, concerts, reduced prices, job offerings as they grow, in-store product support, and many FREE services to your community! Big Block stores cut prices and drive local stores out of business who have spent many years developing a successful community business! Their prices rise but you have nothing else to compare them to! They bring in foreign or out of town employees to work not offering jobs to local people or only offering few minimum-wage positions. Beware of stores that are from other cities and pose as independents selling in your area! The money you spend with them will go to another city or country and not help our local music scene or economy!

The answers to our economic problems in the USA are in technology, service, and support. Small businesses create more local jobs than any other establishment. Don’t lose sight of this and hurt everyone’s future!

As a local musician of over 30 years and a local business owner, I hope my philosophy here can be passed along to others and help better the area we live in. I miss many of the great businesses that have fallen prey to Big Block stores or mail order and closed their doors forever! Support your local TRUE friends of musician’s and you will enjoy positive changes in your local music scene!

Best Wishes,
Jonathan Karow

Rock Bottom Music & Karow Sound
758 Broad Street
Augusta, GA 30901