BANDS LOOKING FOR CD REVIEWS OR SHOW DATES:Lokal Loudness receives cd's every day by bands from all over the Southeast. These cd's are sent for many reasons, the most common being- to be reviewed in Lokal Loudness, bands looking to find a gig in the area, bands seeking press and bands looking to get their cd's to 95Rock's Homegrown Show. The best course of action is to decide what your needs are and send as many packs as you need to avoid have to send more at a later date. We always do our best to make sure packs get forwarded if needed to the avenues we feel are best suited to your bands needs. Bands can mail packs to

Lokal Loudness
734 Hickory Oak Hollow
Augusta, GA 30901

If you wish to follow up, please wait 2 weeks to allow time for delivery and arrival. Follow-up by calling Stoney at 706.836-5683 (LOUD).

For other needs, use the proper contact below:

John "Stoney" Cannon - Founder/Planning
Jeff Miles - Photographer