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THE SOUL OF JOSH PIERCE!!-Stoney 11/01/03
Raised around the Memphis area, singer-songwriter JOSH PIERCE grew up on southern blues and jazz. Soaking in the sounds of the area before continuing his search in Louisiana, Josh's musical journey has brought him to the Augusta music scene. Since his arrival, Josh has been winning over lokal music fans and musicians with his soulful voice, catchy songs and genuine personality. We now introduce, JOSH PIERCE.

LL – You’re not only a new face on the Augusta music scene, but fairly new to the Augusta area period. Where were you before you came to Augusta?
JP –I was raised in and around the Memphis area……and afterward simply moved around in relation to my immediate family and school.

LL – So what was it that brought you to the Garden City?
JP –Sitting in my dorm room for two years at 2 or 3 in the morning not being able to put down my guitar…..so my friends just convinced me to head to the area. I didn’t think that I was ready for Atlanta so I began here. Thankfully too, because there’s some amazing things I’ve learned here.

LL – So what is your musical experience prior to relocating here?
JP –I began performing seriously when I was 12. Up until then I just wanted to do stupid shit during family reunions….like transforming into the Hulk when I was 8 during thanksgiving dinner. It was crazy, I ripped my shirt…..my mother killed me.

LL – Now you have a style that is a cross between rock, pop and blues with a very soulful voice. What influences and experiences have you ingested over the years to create your writing/performing style?
JP – Let me paint you a picture……I’m ten years old. My father, uncle, and I are making a trip to the liquor store and my folks are cranking Eric Clapton, BB King, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Bonnie Rait, Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy……just speeding and singing our lungs out. Well I think you get the picture. When I was fifteen I got into the Seattle scene just like all my friends were, but it definitely goes back to the blues……Memphis man!!!

LL- So now that you’ve had a chance to soak up some of the music scene here, what are your thoughts and opinions on our little scene?
JP –Good training ground. I definitely learned more here than anywhere else. Everybody enjoys doing what they do and they work hard at it.

LL – What particular artists/people, if any, have made an impression on you, good and/or bad?.
JP – I am The Big Mighty’s biggest fan……what I don’t understand is that some of Augusta’s venue’s will allow any unpolished, obnoxious noise into their place. But everybody’s got an opinion.

LL – So far what are your favorite/least favorite places to play in town?
JP - Easy question man, easy question……Somewhere in Augusta, good people but they don’t need to have live music, nobody there gives a shit.

LL – Any particular gig stand out over the rest so far?
JP - I had the pleasure of playing the Metro Coffeehouse not a week ago…..and it was an excellent experience…..everybody there is so friendly and cool…..and they feed you goldfish when you’re drunk…..that’s important(laugh).

LL – Getting back to the music, I understand you are working on a cd. Any specifics you can tell us about that?
JP – I sat down and tried to think of which musicians I would want to assist me…..and the lineup is great. Jason Scarborough from Redbelly on percussion, Johnny Watkins from The Big Mighty, and Tristin who I recently met at The Soul Bar…….excellent guitarist.

LL – So what are you plans to promote this upcoming release?
JP –Honestly, I’m hoping for a year tour…….but we’ll see. But fortunately the Cd release party is already booked at The Metro Coffeehouse February 13th……Friday the 13th!!!

LL - What type of song topics will listeners find on the cd?
JP – Stories of clowns and heartbreak, redemption and drunkeDness….and a rew serious tunes as well.

LL – Earlier in the year you won some competitions at Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta. Will you be venturing anymore outside of Augusta and if so, where?
JP – Well a good friend of mine pointed out to me that Augusta is centrally located. Atlanta, Athens, Columbia, Savannah are all nearby and I plan to hit all of these places as much as possible which will give me more time to live…..so that I can write.

LL-What is the first thing you want people to think when they hear your music?
JP –Honest………..and thankful for the opportunity.

LL- You’ve also been getting your music onto the web. How has that experience been?
JP – It’s strange to see my ugly mug with a .com behind it…..but what is stranger is the awesome support I’m received from people I don’t even know because of it.

LL – Do you find the web to be a useful tool for promoting an artist?
JP – Absolutely, nothing beats being able to grab a cup of coffee and get in front of the computer and search for the artist instead of never being able to see them unless they’re playing a show.

LL – Have you ever found any new artists that you really like using the internet?
JP –Matthew Kahler………he’s a badass, and Shawn Mullins. Nothing else comes to mind just yet……I’ll get back to you on that.

LL – So what does Josh Pierce do when he’s not writing or performing?
JP – He makes sure he spends time with family and friends……Josh Pierce likes to go to the movies by himself and take walk on the riverwalk…..He likes to have that “thinking time” but Josh is really addicted to having too much fun with his friends because it’s not that often that he can be a spectator nowadays. (laughs).

LL – Before I let you go, what can one expect at a live Josh Pierce show?
JP – An excited guy that is always trying to please…….if necessary I’ll get a five year old kid to sing for me instead or make a phone call to a friend while I’m onstage,……whatever keeps everyone laughing and listening……

LL – Cool! Thanks for kickin it with us!
JP – NO thank you………can I buy a candy bar now?? I really need some sugar……