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FROM WITHIN an Interview with THE SIXTH HOUR - Stoney 12/6/04
One part power, one part melody, six parts heavy work ethnic, the members of THE SIXTH HOUR are living proof that while every little kog in the machine is important, it takes all parts working together to make the machine achieve maximum performance. All this teamwork will culminate in the release of the bands debut cd “from within” December 10th.

LL - Last time we spoke it was an introduction of sorts discussing the past achievements of the members of The Sixth Hour and where the band was heading. Do you feel like the band has broken away from the confines of the past and gelled as a unit of its own?
T6H- Yes, the band has really grown a lot. We’re a lot closer as friends and tighter as musicians. There’s really no division now. It’s not ‘the Spyt guys’ and the ‘Youth@Risk guys’ anymore. We’re all Sixth Hour guys (and gal) now.

LL- What would you say has been the biggest difference in the band since the debut show and now?
T6H- We’re a lot more confident. We know what we’re doing a little better now. We’ve spent a lot of time analyzing ourselves and thinking of ways to make the band better, and we’ve improved in all aspects. Of course we realize that there’s still lots of room to grow and hopefully we’ll continue improving with every song we write, every show we play, and every CD we release.

LL- It’s tough to keep several individuals on the same path even for a short time. What has it taken for the members of The Sixth Hour to stay focused to not only produce and perform but also record and prepare to release a cd?
T6H- It’s all about dedication and perseverance. The music, combined with the support of fans, is the ultimate reward and keeps us going. We’re all dedicated to the band and have learned that sometimes you have to put the band above yourself. There is no "I" in The Sixth Hour... Oh wait...

LL- On December 10th the band will officially release the debut cd, “From Within,” at a special cd release concert at the National Guard Armory with several top lokal bands appearing. Why such an enormous undertaking for a debut release?
T6H- First off we wanted to be able to reach all of our fans (and potential fans), so we didn’t want to do it at a bar that underage people couldn’t go to, or at an all ages place that older people wouldn’t want to go to. And also we’re very proud of this cd and we want to set it off in a big way and be able to share the stage with some of our best friends and hopefully help to set a new high for the lokal music scene so that more shows like this one can happen. And I think you’ll notice that The Sixth Hour does nothing half way.

LL- What is the band most looking forward to at the December 10th show?
T6H- We’re looking forward to putting our hard work out there. This cd has been a year in the making, and we’re ready to see it in peoples hands. Hopefully we’ll see a big crowd of happy people. And we’re also looking forward to seeing the reunion of Thinfin, who are all good friends of ours, and all the other great bands like Distal, Sick Sick Sick, Three the Hard Way, Halfway Gone, and Knowface. It’s going to be a great show.

LL- What can lokal music fans expect at this show?
T6H- Like we said before, we don’t do anything halfway. Expect this to be an amazing show. We’re pulling out the stops on this one and really giving it our all. There’ll be two stages of awesome bands, providing non-stop music. We’ll have concessions, new merchandise, and even sumo wrestling. There’ll be a few surprises. Definitely expect a good time.

LL- Taking a look at the cd itself, what went into the recording and what do you feel are some of the high points of “From Within”?
T6H- Lots of blood sweat and tears have gone into “From Within”. We recorded everything twice (or more) until it was right. It’s funny to think that when we recorded the drum tracks it was cold in our studio, and here it is cold again and we’re finally releasing it. It’s been a labor of love though. We recorded it all at Nick’s studio, Sector 7G, and produced it ourselves. As far as high points, I think Nevermore translated to tape especially well, but the entire cd is great.

LL- What was the hardest/easiest thing about making this debut release?
T6H- The hardest thing about this cd has been putting together the release concert. However, we feel that anything worth having is worth working for. The easiest thing may have been coming up with the title. It came up and everybody just said, "Yeah, I think that says it all".

LL- How do you think it’ll (the cd) go over on the lokal music scene?
T6H- We can only hope that it will be accepted. We made it for ourselves and our fans first, so if people like it then that’s just the icing on the cake.

LL- Looking past December 10th, how does The Sixth Hour plan to follow up and expand on this enormous event?
T6H- We’ve always got a few tricks up our sleeves. We hope to get back to playing shows regularly and heading out of town more. Hopefully we can put together more big shows at venues like the National Guard Armory. And we’re already working on a few remixes, acoustic versions, new songs, DVDs, and a few other goodies to look forward to. We’re only just beginning.

LL- Sounds like a great way to close out the year. How do locals get into the show and pick up their own copy of “From Within”?
T6H- Admission will be $7 at the door and $6 in advance. Tickets are available at Big City Music, The Playground, Ray Frederick’s Realty, and of course Lokal Loudness. The cd will be sold through our website, at shows, and at stores like Lokal Loudness, CD’s & More, Big City Music, and Borders. The ticket for the release show is also good for $4 dollars off your copy of the cd, which makes a great stocking stuffer. The National Guard Armory is located right next door to the Green Jackets stadium on Milledge Road. The doors open at 7 and music starts at 7:30 so don’t be late.