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AMERICAN SKIN...PUT IT ON - Stoney 02/01/06
Take different branches from the Augusta music family tree. Crossbreed 'em and plant 'em in a whole new plot of soil, water with beer and sooth with the sounds of in your face rock and roll and whadaya got? Well in this here case, AMERICAN SKIN, a brash new Augusta band made outta some of the best bits and pieces of Augusta's musical past. Before heading off for their debut gig february 2nd at the Soul Bar, I tracked down bassist/founder Chris Livingston and got the skinny on AMERICAN SKIN!

LL – In theory AMERICAN SKIN is a new band but through our conversation I got the feeling that the band has been some time in the making. What has been the obstacle on the way to your debut gig February 2nd @ the Soul Bar?
CL – The band has been through many personnel changes since its inception about two years ago. It's always a challenge to get a good chemistry going with the right musicians, especially when trying to form a new band from the ground up.

LL – Most people in Augusta may not know who AMERICAN SKIN is but are probably familiar with most of the individual members. Who all’s in the band and where might locals know them from?
CL - Brian Reynolds on guitar( SUSAN IS EVIL) , Jeff Johnston on guitar/vocals(FULLERS EARTH) , Brian Allen on drums(NEATO TORPEDO, HELLBLINKI), Brian Panowich on lead vocals(KING THURSDAY) , Chris Livingston on bass(DOGWOOD).

LL – Now the history of the members of this band sort of dates back many years, with you and Brian (Panowich) working together years ago. What finally lead to this reunion of sorts?
CL – Brian Panowich and myself have been in several local bands dating back to 1987 or so. Our band PRAYERS FOR RAIN, which included the late Chris Watkins on drums, never realized its full potential.We thought we should have another go at forming an original rock band.

LL – So before we continue, for the fresh ears of Augusta, describe the AMERICAN SKIN sound?
CL – This band plays non trendy rock and roll at very high volumes.

LL – And what might your unsuspecting public expect from the band in a live setting?
CL – ITS GOT A GOOD BEAT AND YOU CAN DANCE TO IT. Plus,we got three Brians......??

LL – Now I know that a couple of the Brians in the band have that wonderful devil may care rock & roll attitude. Do the rest of the band ever have to keep ‘em from butting heads or has that created more of a kindred spirit sort of vibe?
CL – We're all in it to have a good time and make sure the audience does as well. Too many bands take themselves way too seriously these days. We put a high priority on writing good songs, but at the same time, if it ain't no fun, what's the point?

LL – So the band is gonna be off and running live, any plans on releasing some recorded material?
CL – Maybe a five song e.p. after we scrape up enough pennies to make it happen. Hopefully, by late spring.

LL – What are some of the kind of thoughts that one might find in an AMERICAN SKIN song?
CL – songs about frustration, hope, the suckness of modern rock radio, and one about a box which is untidy.

LL – So what is rock & roll supposed to be more of. Fun or angry?
CL – three parts fun to one part stink face.

LL- So now for a little fun: In a showdown, who wins, Johnny Cash or Elvis?
CL – come ooooon, maaaun, CASH.

LL – Most important NON-MUSICAL item needed for a gig?
CL – can of Whooop Ass.

LL – PBR or Schlitz?
CL – We drink whatever beer gets put in front of us.

LL – and finally, vegetarians or meat eaters? Which wears the true AMERICAN SKIN?
CL – We're all about the meat. Is porkskins a vegetable? .....not?

LL – Cool, thanks for the info.
CL - anytime, thanks.