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Augusta Gets Funky

With things starting to warm up weather wise the time is right for dancing in the streets. Some would say that is old fashioned thinking. I say why not dance in the street. Perhaps we need that today more than we ever have. No one was ever better at presenting such a positive outlook on life, at least in public, than our very own Godfather of Soul James Brown. Now perhaps he has given us an excuse, if not a reason, to dance in the streets!

Mr. Brown's birthday hits this week thursday May 3rd and Augusta is kicking out the celebration with everything from a birthday cake to live music to, yep, dancing in the streets. But before we celebrate, lets delve into more serious issues involving lokal legends.

As many of you know, we here at Lokal Loudness, along with friends in the community have been trying to get the Georgia Music Hall of Fame and the State Tourism Board to add Augusta to it's Historic Music Trail. This would not only mean recognition of our area music history but additional coverage and awareness for tourists passing through the area. This of course can generate more commerce and revenue into the Augusta community and surrounding towns.

How can you help? Sign the petition. For more info just go to the Headlines page and find the corresponding story and links.

So now that the serious stuff is out of the way, back to dancing in the streets?

What a week Augusta has planned...and it's al FREE!

On wednesday May 2nd the over 21 crowd can visit 1102 Bar & Grill's Back Room for Reel Rock Movies featuring a big screen showing of Soul Survivor and many rare video clips courtesy of Keith Jenkins. Other surprises and a special live performance are also planned.

On friday May 4th the celebration takes over downtown Augusta from 5-10pm as part of the monthly First Friday celebration. Look for live music and huge projections plus a birthday cake on 10th street and at the Common lots of live music including a performance by the Soul Generals. Once again...all free!


Recently I have been increasingly annoyed by drive-thru signs that state that an establishment makes their food fresh and there could be a slight wait. Now mostly that rarely presents a problem and after a small pause you get your food and go. What has gotten on my nerves has been the increase in places that have started to seemingly take advantage of this.

The other day I was asked to pick up some food from Zaxby's in Martinez. No problem right? Well after 30 minutes I had yet to place my order. I had been behind the car at the menu sign the entire time. Further inspection revealed that less than half the parking lot was full so obviously inside customers weren't the issue. There are few things you can "special order" at Zaxby's. What was the hold up? After waiting 50 minutes (I know most of you are thinking what a dumbass I was but this request was my wife's and having left my cell at home I had no way to request an alternative) I finally reached the window. The employee was nice when I asked why it took so long. She responded by making reference to the "not a fast food place" sign.

Why even have a drive-thru at all.



Maximum Tone

Questions and Answers Part II

Question: I can hear the batteries rattling around when I plug my new Taylor 814ce (acoustic / electric guitar) into an amplifier. Do you know of any simple way to fix the problem short of having to send the guitar back to Taylor?

Answer: The problem you are experiencing is fairly common with the new Expression System-equipped Taylor guitars and, yes, there is a very simple fix. The problem is not with your guitar, its Expression System or even the amp you are using. The rattling you are hearing is due to the fact that AA batteries will vary slightly in size.

The simple fix is to take an ordinary 3”x3” sticky note, cut off about ¼ of it from the non-sticky end and then wrap the batteries together, starting with the sticky end. This will cover the middle section of the two adjoined batteries. This will give just enough padding and support to keep the batteries from moving around inside of their compartment.

The Expression System is a great new approach to acoustic guitar amplification. The pre-amp of the system was even designed by the legendary Rupert Neve. As always, Taylor is ahead of the pack when it comes to innovative acoustic and acoustic – electric guitar design ideas.

The biggest challenge I think most people find with using Expression System-equipped Taylor guitars is that the system is so radically different from anything that was previously available that you really have to approach equalizing the tone a little differently than you would with a traditional piezo element system. However, it should be noted that there is plenty of information and tech support available from Taylor Guitars to tackle any issues with which you may be having problems.

Question: I recently acquired a Mosrite Ventures guitar. I’ve seen these guitars before, but I don’t know that much about them. What can you tell me about them?

Answer: Semi Mosely was a colorful character in the guitar-building world. He was born in Oklahoma, but he moved to California at a young age. He worked for Rickenbacker in the late 1950s, but he was encouraged to start his own guitar company by his friend and pastor, Ray Boatright. A permutation of their names yielded the now famous brand name. An often overlooked, yet interesting, feature of Mosrite guitars is the “M” shape on the tip of the headstock.

In 1963, Mosrite released the Ventures model. It was both endorsed and distributed by Nokie Edwards and his band for which the model was named. The Ventures model was, by far, the most popular guitar ever produced by Mosrite. However, Mosrite went out of business in 1969, thus ending the first chapter in the company’s history.

For the next twenty-five years or so, Mosley was unsuccessful with any large-scale production of Mosrite guitars. However, by 1984, the demand for Mosrite guitars was great enough that Mosely was able to open a production facility in North Carolina. Part of the demand was due to the retro fever of the vintage guitar scene and part of it was due to another high profile Mosrite devotee, Johnny Ramone of The Ramones.

Mosely died in 1992, but his widow continued the business, shifting all production to Japan by 1995. The Japanese made Mosrites are also excellently crafted guitars. Congratulations on your catch!

Scott Terry

Scott Terry with more next month in TOO HOT TALK!


First Friday

This is going to be one Funky First Friday. What better way to showcase the art & soul of Downtown Augusta than to celebrate the birthday of the hardest working man in show business – Mr. James Brown. A culmination of music, art, food and funk – this First Friday is an outcome of dedicated volunteers, generous downtown businesses and we at the arts council who are working towards the growth of the event into something everyone in the area can enjoy.

May’s First Friday brings us live music, including the Soul Generals & Lauren Hartley at the Augusta Commons – but they aren’t the only ones who know how to get funky! The corner of 10th & Broad boasts its own live musical acts, including DJs, Jerusalem Sounds Brass Band & Lee Landers. Don’t forget to cut the cake with the Brown family at 8:30pm!

The Greater Augusta Arts Council welcomes the opportunity it has been given to organize First Friday each month. The talent & dedication that is given to this event from downtown individuals is always encouraging, and we look forward to the growth of this celebration of Augusta’s Downtown.

Virginia Colflesh


Coming Soon!

David Moretz

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