After a long day of rehearsing, promoting upcoming shows and just all around life in general, anyone would just beg for the opportunity to either relax or let off some built up steam. Either way, the end result can be the same. The ability to get a good nights sleep minus the day’s events swirling around in your head. Saturday was such a day, and like many other folks I sought the perfect outlet to cycle out the aches and pains of my day. In my case I sought an outlet that would allow me to not only let off some steam, but relax as well. Sound strange? Well mission accomplished. And here’s how.

After being reminded the previous couple days by guitarists John Berret (State of Crisis) and Dave Mercer (Chairleg) that their respected bands would be leading a metal tag team onslaught on the Playground Saturday night I went home from my days efforts contemplating a night of ventful aggression. Once I realized that at ten o’clock that I had wasted the previous three hours working on the computer instead of relaxing, I came to the realization that a metal intervention was desperately needed.

The great thing about the Playground, at least for me, is that within minutes of walking through the door there are friendly faces and greetings galore. So despite my usual distaste for overly heavy music, I was not only relaxed, but geared and primed to step out of my rock and roll box and into something overtly brutal. Well as I was soon to find out, I came to the right place.

As I paid the meager sum of three bucks to enter the sweltering back room of the Playground I was kindly informed by the doorperson that CHAIRLEG were mere moments from taking the stage. Perfect timing I thought and quickly grabbed a seat in the rear of the room. (After all, I’m old and creaky…and admittedly too chicken to brave the midst of the rabid front row crowds.)

Following a brief wait in which vocalist Larry Sprowls entertained the crowd with humorous tales of youthful chicanery, CHAIRLEG ripped into their opener “Vent” and just laid down the law that they were in the house and there was little anyone could do about it. In a conversation following CHAIRLEG’s set, Sprowls explained to me the premise behind the bands songs particularly “Vent”. His inspirations are derived from the things in life that lead to frustration and anger, and being able to share those thoughts with a crowd that share many of the same feelings, the band is able to “vent” and in the process hopefully help the audience achieve similar peace once the night has ended.

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For those of you reading that have never seen CHAIRLEG live or heard any of their music, let me offer up the best description that I can. Modern metal definitely can be heard in the powerful sounds of the band’s originals but what I picked up on the most was what sounded to this old school rocker like an abundance of classic metal. I could easily picture songs like “Vent” cranking side by side with something off of Judas Priest’s “Painkiller” album. Fast, brutal, the kind of metal that I used to pump my fists and wave the old metal “devil horns” sign to. Their cover of Pantera’s “Hostile” only added to their testimonial of aggression. As I casually watched from the safety of my seat, I briefly longed for the days when I was far lighter and much more energized. If CHAIRLEG would have been around back then, damn the person that would even try and get between myself and the stage. But alas, I sat, metal rumble in my heart and metal visions in my eyes, metal ringing in my ears.

During a brief stage changeover it was a pleasure to catch up with old friends as well as have the before mentioned conversation with Sprowls. Catch a bit of it in the above vid clip!

After the fun filled break the brutal assault continued with STATE OF CRISIS, a new Augusta band consisting of three-fourths of late-favorites Knowface with front man Quentin Watts at the helm. Following a couple of brutal sonic barrages Watts blessed the audience with that lovely macho charm that he is so known for. Thank the rock & roll Gods that male sexual bravado is alive and well in the halls of the Augusta musical kingdom.

Once STATE OF CRISIS had the motors charged the crowd was presented with a package of blistering covers of Ozzy’s “Miracle Man”, and “Mr. Crowley” as well as unique take on Van Halen’s “Panama” complete with altered chorus lyrics ala “Panties Off”.

Once inside the car and on the way home my latest fave cd just wouldn’t do. Pulling over I rummaged through the stacks of cd’s in the back seat trying to find at least a little something to help me get through the coming down stage. How did I end my night of metal? Maiden’s “Killers” cd. Man I never know how great “Murders in the Rue Morgue” could sound loud and with the top down!