LIVINGROOM LEGENDS - Hearts & Bars by Stoney
I will have to be the first to admit that when I first heard the initial tracks that would eventually become the debut Livingroom Legends cd, I was smitten. The clever lyrics, the gorgeous harmonies. The down home honesty and country goodness was certainly not lost on these ears. But I will also have to admit that after a couple of years of listening I felt as if I had worn out my love affair with this great band. Over exposure? Too much of a good thing? How would I fall in love again? More importantly… could I?

Aside from the odd event appearance, I pulled myself away and my next Legends exposure came through an early version of “Southern State of Love”, turned in for the 2004 version of the Meltdown series. Skepticism turned to excitement with each catchy country pop harmony and, if even for a brief moment, I felt as if all was not lost. It would be nearly a year later and yet another submission for the Meltdown series that would rekindle the magic.

Upon hearing “On My Own”, the second track on the new cd “Hearts & Bars” following “Southern State of Love”, my first thought was “is this really the Livingroom Legends?” Surely I had expected them to get better, but to breathe other elements of rock and pop into their sound?!?! Now my curiosity was fully piqued. I found myself impatiently tapping nervously on my desk waiting the arrival of a new disc. Never was I more nervous. Would I fall head over heels again… of just fall?

Lemme just cut to the chase. It’s August 2005 and I’ve been slumped over this disc for nearly two months wondering just how to properly give this disc its due. Where the presence of rock and pop has filtered through, just as much of the bits of classic country fare have seeped in as well. Some fiddlin’ and some dobroin’ as well! But enough of the instruments! What about these here songs!

In addition to the first couple of awesome tracks, “My Life Right”, what I’d like to call the lost Cash track, “Change Your Mind”, “Hope You’re Happy” and all the other great tracks found here are not only classic Legends, but classic Legends on T-E-N (or eleven if you wanna go Spinal Tap proportions). I’ve not only fallen in love all over, but all of a sudden I’ve found myself listening to both cds back to back! BOO-YA!

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