VINTAGE STONE - Thoughts of a Dreamer by Stoney
Hailing from Northeast Alabama, hard rockers VINTAGE STONE have been compared to such bands as Audioslave, Soundgarden and Tool. One listen to the bands debut ep and this reviewer’s first question has gotta be “what cd is everyone else listening to?” The Chris Cornell comparison is quite simply, way off the mark. Not that VINTAGE STONE doesn’t possess some fine qualities, just not THOSE qualities.

The band’s sound is closer to the slow grinding hard rock that has come to possess many a southeast band within the past few years. I would have to lean more towards regional favorites like Shinedown and early Creed. The majority of the songs here follow the formula for that type of band, slow brooding to begin with then bursting into slow churning power chords. Very dark with a fine mix of anger and melody. I’m sure somewhere on board you’ll even find a drop d chord or two!

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