A little bit Dave Matthews, a smidgeon John Mayer, a ton of youth and talent, Augustan Will McCranie is the epitomy of todays modern pop singer-songwriter. Jazzy chords, funky tempos, folk tinged, hook filled, all wrapped up in a squeaky clean boy next door package. But we're definitely not talking teen idol schmaltz. While the finger snapping qualities may be there, they are merely the icing for the substance filled topics hiding inside.

"That Easy?" starts things off introducing the listener immediately to what "Willie Mac" is all about. Strummy guitars with soft vocals floating aimlessly overhead creating a slight funky groove. Great opener.

McCranie proves that he is not an in studio wonder by stripping down to a simple acoustic number on "Not Enough". This is also where he flexes his vocal muscles the most belting out chorus lines all the while projecting a raw power that upon first glance, a listener might not expect from this baby faced crooner.

Next up, title track "A Caffeinated Fiasco", captures smll town college coffee shop life perfectly. Reading amidst the subtle light of a campus cafe comes to mind when listening to this soft pleasant number. Also would make great background music for one of those lonely "real world" scenes as well. Why not, if it's good enough for Mr. Mayer...

Backed up by yet another young Augusta singer-songwriter Kelly Pedigo, "City Lights" is seemly Mr. McCranie's feel good homage to lost youth. O.K., maybe it's not at all as complicated as that but it feels good enough to be!

Originally appearing on "Will McCranie from the LoudHouse", "Such a Shame" is represented here with additional percussion and benefits from much tighter production. This calypso-ish tune is catchy, fun and darn near irresistable. Imagine John mayer doing the "Banana Boat Song" and you might just get what I mean.

"A Caffeinated Fiasco" closes off with the very dreamy "Tragic Fall of Blue Apples" leading to the tender acoustic closer "Let You Go", a heartfelt love song that ends the album on a sober yet soft note.

This latest release by Will McCranie goes far to show his growth as a singer, songwriter, musician and performer. Will is able to hide the facts when it's necessary yet let it all hang out when it's absolutely vital. Pure enjoyment for all listeners but a clear must have for the shy at heart.

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