THE SIXTH HOUR - From Within by John "Stoney" Cannon
Containing nine tracks of pure power and passion, the debut disc by THE SIXTH HOUR is a fine tuning of the past charged up for an ever changing future. This Augusta six piece takes off the kid gloves exposing all the pain, angst, turmoil and eventual cleansing.

Kicking off with the powerfully haunting “Saved in Name”, THE SIXTH HOUR immediately reveals the enchanting harmonies of “front-duo” Chuck Merritt and Lindsay Kircher. Beautiful in unison the pair shine when left alone as in “Cycle”, Kirchers’ ode to isolation and deadly uncertainty. With titles like “Chaos”, “Doom” and “Nothing” the immediate perception may be one of total darkness but one listen more than hints at a possibility of a more positive outcome as long as the lessons found within get through.

While a majority of the tracks found on “From Within” can stand on their own, the first five tracks benefit from a better flow creating an emotional roller coaster ride leaving the final five tracks to trudge along eventually bowing out before the final notes even ring out.