"The most intimate and enjoyable venue downtown."
~Celia Gary; Augusta Singer/Songwriter

What happens when you take a group of loud rock & roll friends with sensitive hearts and eyes for the arts and hand them a wide-open canvas of a space? Well in this day and age anything COULD happen...in this case they went M.A.D. as in M.A.D. Studios - downtown Augusta's chill spot for creative minds of all kinds! Imagine if you will someone making off with a bunch of art, stashing it in a coffee shop, and then using the art and performing singer/songwriters as a diversion to steer clear of the evil ears of the anti-art gestapo. OK so maybe it's not quite that cloak and dagger but maybe we've kept you interested long enough to get the idea. But back to the story.

"MAD Studios: the most gorgeous stage in the city."
~Catherine the Great; Augusta Spoken Word Artist/Author

When said rock & rollers were let loose on that wide-open canvas of a space with paint, brushes, art, sound equipment, comfy chairs, pillows, and soft lighting the smoke cleared - destruction right? Well sometimes the unexpected happens and you stumble into a little luck and voila - all of a sudden you have what many are calling downtown Augusta's long-awaited comfy listening room. M.A.D. Studios is an all-ages (at one show the youngest attendee was 17 and the oldest 85) non-smoking 50 capacity space with a cool makeshift stage complete with clear sound that looks out into some of the coolest art from the area. We here at M.A.D. Studios have been blessed to have some great artistic talent take the stage (check out our events section for a list of artists and what some of them have said about appearing at M.A.D. Studios) including poets, spoken word artists, short story writers, singer/songwriters and more who more often that not immediately express an interest in returning.

"Great vibe. Refreshing to play your own tunes to an audience who cares."
~Joe Stevenson; Augusta Singer/Songwriter, Promotor, Radio Show Host

M.A.D. Studios is made up of owners and volunteers who strive to not only support the venues existence, but also support the artists. In many venues the artists are merely "that night's entertainment." At M.A.D. Studios we strive to make every show and every artist a part of a growing family of not only artists, but lovers of art. It's not about sustaining the artist per se or even the patron, but filling the gap between the two to help build an emotional bond. All artists are lovers and fans first and who better to communicate with patrons who love to hear great music and see great art than the artists who share that same love?

"Augusta has needed a listening room venue like M.A.D. Studios for the longest time."
~Carey Murdock; Nashville Singer/Songwriter

Another thing that M.A.D. Studios is proud of is that we have yet to have a single person question why, in a world where bar covers are $0 - $5 to see one or more bands perform, are our ticket prices generally $5 - $10 on average. In a bar you have the opportunity to be entertained. At M.A.D. Studios you have the opportunity to be moved. There are no barriers, no tall stages separating artist from patron, no smoke (cigarette or manufactured) no flashing lights or special effects. Just the artist and open access to the heart. At M.A.D. Studios you can feel the notes, and understand the words, and clearly see the art. Sound minimal? Similar venues in other cities charge more for the beautiful experience of being able to interact so closely with talented artists. At M.A.D. Studios our goal is not to get rich. Our goals are but two - to provide a chance for an original artist to put on the performance they deserve and while being properly rewarded for it and quite simply...to pay the bills in order to keep providing a place for artists to call home.

"I love playing M.A.D. Studios. It is such and awesome room. It sounds amazing. It's cozy and I definitely want to come back."
~Lauren Lucas; Nashville Singer/Songwriter

Check out our calender and if you haven't already, stop by and make up your own mind. Not only do we feature very talented artists at M.A.D. Studios, we also offer budget recording, graphic design, and promotional services as well. Just maybe a visit will bring back a long since dimmed spark and drive you to creative places you have never even imagined.

"Playing M.A.D. Studios is such an intimate experience. You find yourself in this living room atmosphere that gives you an opportunity to truly absorb your audiences raction to the music. It's unlike any other venue in town."
~Josh Pierce; Augusta Singer/Songwriter

"The listening room atmosphere of M.A.D. Studios provides great vibes for singer/songwriters and the staff helps local talent in a very professional manner. I look forward to playing there again."
~Samuel McDuffie; Augusta Singer/Songwriter

"Musicians on the local scene struggle to find a venue that gives them a true opportunity to be heard. M.A.D. Studios gives the chance for every lyric and every note to be taken in by the listener. A True musician will greatly appreciate the atmosphere and presence they are allowed by M.A.D. Studios."
~Brandon Douglas; Augusta Singer/Songwriter

"M.A.D. Studios is a very unique environment that allows an artist to be effectively showcased and really pour out their material in a very intimate way for a room full of people who are there to open their hearts to it. It's a special place to play for sure. The setting is just so natural and completely centered around the artist(s)/artwork. No smokey bar, no noisy crowd. Just the honest expression of art."
~Brian Michell; Atlanta Singer/Songwriter

"It's awesome! It's so nice to play in a venue where people are there to feel your music."
~Drea Suarez; Augusta Singer/Songwriter

"M.A.D. Studios offers something uniquely special to the Augusta music scene, to concert goers and to anyone who is a connoisseur of the arts. Stripping away most of the ubiquitous stage elements of a typical show that usually creates a divide between performers and the audience, M.A.D. Studios' chill, intimate setting lends itself perfectly for that experience of exclusivity that comes from being a part of something as it's happening in the raw, yet, it's accessible to everyone. With a basic setup of mics and instruments the artists can speak directly to the listeners and tell the stories behind the songs while the audience gets to connect on a personal level with the performers. It's one part art gallery, one part recording studio, and one part music venue that's the perfect space for a night of great music and good vibes. You can pull up a pillow, a chair, a skateboard, or whatever and sit back for a cool show."
~Ruby Culpepper; Augusta Artist/Musician

"Augusta needed a listening room like this!"
~Will McCranie; New York Singer/Songwriter

"This is not a drinking establishment with a music sideline and it is not a place people happen to find or discover. Its a destination and a haven. Its sacred territory for people who consider that act of listening something sacred."
~Steven Uhles; Correspondent - Augusta Chronicle

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