BOOKING A SHOW AT M.A.D. STUDIOS (Please read info below, trust us it will help!)
Thank you for your interest in playing at M.A.D. Studios. Preferred booking at M.A.D. Studios is via Electronic Press Kit or Website with band info/music. Please submit your ReverbNation EPK using the link below or send your EPK or URL with contact information (phone number, email address, etc.) with dates you are trying to book to:

If you don't have an EPK or website with music, please send a CD and press kit to us:

Lokal Loudness Entertainment
Attn: Booking
734 Hickory Oak Hollow
Martinez, GA 30907

M.A.D. Studios has become privileged to receive booking requests from incredible artists from across the U.S. and time and time again the artists that come through never fail to impress with their talents and love for their music. It is for this reason that M.A.D. Studios was created - to offer an environment where artist and audience can touch on a more personal, emotional (and some say magical) level.

The important things to remember when looking to perform at M.A.D. Studios are:

A) M.A.D. Studios is not a bar with a built-in happy hour / drinking crowd. The audience at M.A.D. shows are in attendance to see that night's performer as opposed to the performer being the rotating artist in house for that night's happy hour / drinking crowd. That is why it is a must for all involved in a show to do their best to promote the show to create the best show possible.

B) While M.A.D. Studios generally books every weekend, that does not mean we have shows every weekend night. On an average week the schedule is ALMOST always booked Thursday (open mic) through Saturday but sometimes a Friday or Saturday will not get booked and on those night we are closed. We also do on occasion have shows Sunday through Wednesday. That is why it is a must for all involved in a show to do their best to promote the show to create the best show possible.

CSRA ARTISTS - We have had great success with our area artists performing at M.A.D. Studios and for many shows we have been blessed to have them jump on board a bill featuring an incredible out of town artist and help not only bring in their fans to see them, but also help introduce their fans to artists they may not have been able to find out about. This is what the M.A.D Studios ideal is built on - we provide the space and sound, posters, web advertising, area artists promote, put up posters, sell tickets, etc. and together we try and create a great night that not only makes for a great show, but also allows the chance to put some dough in an artists' pocket for playing THEIR heart-inspired creations while pulling in funds to help M.A.D. continue to grow. It's a team effort!

OUT OF TOWN ARTISTS - We love having great artists from other places visit Augusta. The things to consider in booking a show at M.A.D. is that the venue, as well as area artists that may be on the bill, will work hard to promote each and every night. But even from afar there are things you can do to help.

1) Promote online to anyone you may know near the Augusta/CSRA area.

2) Even though we make posters for every show it's always cool to have an artists custom poster or flyer up in the studio during shows leading up to your event PLUS we like to play upcoming bands material on show nights so sending posters and/or CDs is a bonus! You can mail those to: M.A.D. Studios / Lokal Loudness, 734 Hickory Oak Hollow, Martinez, GA 30907

3) Send out press materials. Here are some area press contacts (more as we add them)

(706) 737-1661

Verge (alt weekly paper) | 706.589.6727

Metro Spirit (alt weekly paper)

Augusta Chronicle (daily paper)

At the end of the day the best shows we have had have been the ones where everyone works together to promote the show. We've had teenage singer/songwriters pack the place by selling tickets. All it takes is that little extra effort not only on your part, but ours as well. Together we can make some wonderful musical memories!

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