"Augusta has needed a listening room venue like M.A.D. Studios for the longest time."
~Singer/songwriter Carey Murdock

LISTENING ROOM: M.A.D. Studios was created with the music listener in mind. By offering a small, intimate setting to truly enjoy acoustic artists, music fans are able to take part in the experience whether it’s just as a listener or as part of an intimate live recording. The room provides a space not only for monthly M.A.D. showcase events, but for performers looking for a nice room for a one-of-a-kind live recording experience.

ROOM RENTAL Looking for a cool space to put on a private event? M.A.D. Studios has played hosted to everything from graduation parties to industry listening gatherings and more! The space is available any open evening (meaning any eve where an event if not already booked) during normal operating hours (7PM-10PM) for $200. Need more time to get ready and present your event? $250 gets you in by 5PM with space available until midnight for events. (post event cleanup/load-out by 1AM preferred). Rental allows for additional freedom as events are presented as private and not open to the public. This allows for the complimentary presentation of beer/wine (sales not allowed without event license) for an audience of 17 and 18. (Attendees must provide proper ID and wear wristbands). Events where beer/wine is offered must be invite only or ticketed in advance. If beer/wine is offered then by law entry by payment at the door at time of event is prohibited.

M.A.D. Studios is available at other times as well depending on type of use. Generally any eve after 5PM (other than Tuesdays and Thursdays), Mornings and afternoons on Saturdays and Sunday afternoon and evenings. For more info call 706.836.5683.

STUDIO SPECIAL BAM (broke ass musician) Package - Always wanted to put out a cool CD? What about a live one with a crowd that is respectful during each song and appreciative after? Can't afford it you say? Well with a little work and effort, you really can. Book a three hour live performance block in our listening room (package times 7-10pm and available for acoustic solo artists/bands) that will allow time to setup, put on a one-hour performance and then mingle before leaving for the low price of $200. Wondering even more how you're gonna be able to afford that amount? Well your $200 doesn't only get you a performance stage with sound and recording gear/staff but also a bunch of tickets (60) that you can toss in the trash, give away, sell for just enough to make your money back or sell for enough to actually turn a profit! So...you can record a live album and make money off of it before it even hits the streets! Only real catch? $25 deposit necessary to book block with remainder to be paid prior to taking the stage for performance. M.A.D. Studios will even help you sell tickets by advertising the event and forwarding people in the right direction to get tickets!

RECORDING: M.A.D. Studios offers recording services at musician friendly rates hourly or with one of our custom “mix & match” packages. From live in-studio acoustic recordings with or without an audience to full-on multi-track recording to beat/overdub tracking as well as commercial production, M.A.D. Studios has something for just about every situation including small run duplication services and experienced studio musicians.

Hourly Rate - $25
Song Bundle (1 song) - $75 (Max 5 Hours Recording Time Including Mixing)
Set Recording (up to 3 acoustic performers) - $10 (Live set taping w/quick mix to CD same night)
BAM Package - $200 (Live Show Recording - See Description Above)
Studio Musician - $25 Per Musician Per Song

Ask about our mix/match packages including promo and press packs and more.

LEARNING/REHEARSAL (starting 2014): M.A.D. Studios supports music education and in addition to offering a selection of individual/group lesson programs our staff will go M.A.D. putting together some great workshops & clinics. Keep an eye out on our website for upcoming events as well as how to get involved in our upcoming “ALL the Kids Wanna Rock!” program.

For more info on our studio or programs call Stoney at 706.836.5683.
"The computer can't tell you the emotional story. It can give you the exact mathematical design, but what's missing is the eyebrows."
~Frank Zappa

GRAPHIC/WEB DESIGN: M.A.D. Studios is chock full of talented artists when it comes to graphic design with just about everyone on staff educated in graphic design, web design, or both. Whether it’s logo creation, print/web ad designing, CD cover and disc art work, merchandising, or branding and promotional consultation, the staff have the M.A.D. skills to take care of it.
GRAPHIC DESIGN: M.A.D. Studios has an in-house graphics team made up of talented schooled and experienced artists. Toss in miles of creativity and a knack for taking ideas and transforming them into visual imagery and our artists are certain to be able to bring your ideas to life. Whether it's artwork and/or promotional material design for a CD release, logo design, or photo correction/manipulation, M.A.D. Studios has the crew to take your project to the next level.
WEB DESIGN: M.A.D. Studios has certified staff to help create the perfect web presence for any business to get their message to the masses. From simple splash pages to multimedia sites for bands, M.A.D. can make any page pop...and rock!
For more info contact John "Stoney" Cannon at 706.836.5683.

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